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Trees For Life

A single tree provides 250 funds of oxygen and removes 1 ton of carbon dioxide per year. Imagine what 100 trees can do!

Deforestation Issue

Currently, there is a massive issue of deforestation, which is the cutting down of a large amount of trees in a specific area. The dangers associated with the continued cutting down of tress include flooding, increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, soil erosion, limited crop yield, and desertification. The loss of habitat is also one of the most dangerous effects of cutting down trees. Therefore, it can potentially harm species known and unknown to humans. Another benefit of trees is the fact that they help the land retain water and top soil, which prevents flooding and also enables the soil to obtain nutrients, which eventually translate into crops that humans eat. With the continued pattern of deforestation, farmers will be required to move away and land will become barren.


Solution: Plant Trees

After deep research, we discovered a solution to this urgent issue that can drastically transform the lives of individuals negatively affected by a lack of protection from trees through a planting more trees in urban areas. With the addition of trees in urban cities, which feature industrial buildings that emit heavy levels of pollution, our quality of air can improve as trees filter harmful dust and pollutants in the atmosphere. Tress will also provide a large quantity of oxygen, which we need to breath and survive. We can also preserve many distinct species by providing them a habitat that gives food and protection. Studies have also demonstrated that spending time with trees can drastically reduce the amount of stress we carry on a daily basis, which would be an asset especially to people in cities where trees are scarce.

Lowe's 100 Hometowns Grant (2021)

Mission Tomorrow is thrilled to be one of the 100 impact projects that are the cornerstone of 100 Hometowns, an initiative to celebrate Lowe’s centennial. Lowe’s received more than 2,200 submissions to the 100 Hometowns program, which invited people across the country to nominate their hometown projects in need. Mission Tomorrow is thrilled to have the opportunity to plant 100 trees and install an irrigation system with the massive grant of $60,000 that we have received! We want to thank Lowe's for giving us this amazing opportunity! We are working directly with the City of Irving and Keep Irving Beautiful to plant these trees at Cimarron Park, a local recreation center.


Event: Irving, TX

On October 12th, 2021, Mission Tomorrow organized a tree planting day at Cimarron Park, a local recreation center in Irving, TX. Mission Tomorrow partnered directly with the City of Irving, Keep Irving Beautiful, VolunteerNow, and Lowe's to volunteer and plant 100 trees. We were also honored with the presence of Irving's Mayor, Mayor Rick Stopfer, who is very supportive of our efforts. Through Lowe's generous grant, we were able to purchase 100 trees and a supporting irrigation system to maintain their survival. We are so proud to have been able to give back to our community in this small yet meaningful way.

Future Work

Mission Tomorrow's goal is to continue to raise a substantive amount of money to purchase trees for planting in more cities around the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex in an effort to tremendously boost the quality of life for humans and our environment. Having access to trees on a daily basis will allow for children to retain more information in school as they become exposed to more greenery and improve the quality of air to ameliorate breathing patterns. With this supply of trees, Mission Tomorrow is dedicated to partnering directly with city government officials, councils, and leaders across Dallas to identify locations that would benefit the most from trees. Additionally, Mission Tomorrow will follow up with these cities to work towards improving the environment in more meaningful ways. Thorough adding more green to our homes, we are preparing ourselves for the future!

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