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Tech For All

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Illiteracy Issue

Globally, there are currently approximately 900 million people who cannot read or write according to UNESCO. Out of these 900 million people, India houses 287 million of them, which is approximately a third of the world's illiterate people. Since India's independence from British rule, the percentage of India's population that is illiterate has only increased. This illiteracy problem stems from a much larger issue within India: education. In order to improve the illiteracy rate in India, it is vital to improve the learning experiences for many students across India, especially those that live in rural areas where access to resources is limited. India's public education system is clearly not enough to equip these students for the future. Therefore, Mission Tomorrow is committed to partnering with organizations in India that have the mission of improving the quality of education for these underprivileged students.

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Pollution Problem

 According to BBC News, 22 out of the 30 most polluted cities in the world are located in India. Every child who is born in India becomes a smoker on day one as a result of being exposed to this unhealthy air. Pollution can have detrimental effects to the people of India, such as suffering from lung diseases and increasing the probability of an asthma attack or a stroke. It is is vital to combat this issue so that the next generation in India does not face a grim future. A lack of quality education only weakens the knowledge of India's population regarding the adverse effects of pollution. By improving the learning experience of students who lack access to quality education and by informing them of right practices to ameliorate the environmental conditions of India, we can turn India around and make it a nation of prosperity. Mission Tomorrow is dedicated to partnering with local organizations determined to closing the education gap in India.

Project Goal

Mission Tomorrow's goal is to raise a substantive amount of money to purchase high-tech electronic tablets for underprivileged students in an effort to tremendously boost the speed and efficiency of learning. Having access to these resources will allow these students to obtain access to valuable resources such as Khan Academy and Coursera. With this level of knowledge, these students will have the opportunity to be informed about how to best combat the issues within their own communities such as India's pollution problem. Additionally, Mission Tomorrow will follow up with these students through informative tutoring sessions to ensure they are prepared to handle the world's next challenges. Thorough digitizing their learning experience, we are preparing them for the future!

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