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How Technology Enhances Education

Technology has triggered a revolution towards the digital age through many aspects of our lives. Through the way how technology infiltrates every component of the world, humanity can no longer continue to ignore to clear benefits of it. Specifically, the advantages of using technology to enhance classroom instruction have become more clear over the course of time.

One of the main reasons why integrating tablets into classroom interaction has been so effective is that students tend to retain information better when using technology as a learning tool. Technology creates a more engaging environment for students to learn in since it is able to incorporate many interactive and appealing activities into the overall learning experience.

Another reason why technology enhances student learning is the fact that technology offers students self-paced learning. It is commonly known that students learn at different rates. However, it is difficult for teachers to cater to each student's unique situations when developing lesson plans. As the students receive individualized instruction by focusing on their needs at their own pace, teachers can especially help others who may be struggling, which enhances the classroom experience for everyone.

Overall, technology helps students develop more interest in their least favorite subjects by incorporating these visual and interactive components into their education. Although, a key reason why many schools fail to implement these practices into their classrooms is because it is expensive, especially in the most underprivileged areas in the world.


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