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Guarantees with Trees

Trees have a critical role in the environment for the people and for the earth. They provide vital oxygen to humans and can provide habitats for many types of animals. They also help the economy and let people gain the necessary resources they need. The view they provide has also been shown to increase mood and in consequence, success rates according to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. At Mission Tomorrow, our goal is to create a better world for others, and the increase of trees in the environment can only lead to a better world.

Economy and resources are very important things that are needed in a community. Trees help with these 2 things in many ways, including reducing energy use and pollution, promoting tourism, and increasing property values. The CO2 consumption and oxygen that trees provide are key to decreasing pollution in the environment and reduced the need for building energy. Trees also provide many resources in the form of attraction and sustenance. They are able to attract many people from the view they provide, increasing tourism which betters the economy. Trees are able to provide resources such as food to a community. Agroforestry is a process in which trees are used to obtain food while promoting a better environment. These low cost and easy to get foods are very helpful towards a community improving its lifestyle.

Many animals use the natural landscape as homes, instead of humans who use man made urban houses. With these habitats provided by trees for animals, birds, etc. biodiversity is maintained, which is very important for a sustainable city. Trees also help the environment by developing a greener infrastructure. Water runoff is greatly improved by trees as they are able to contribute to a natural landscape, blocking storm water. Reducing pollution also includes reducing that pollution in water, again contributing to a better community.

Finally, trees are very good for a healthy cognitive ability. Studies have shown that students need the environment and greenery in order to increase literacy and numeracy according to the Illinois Extension. Green environments, including those with big trees, have been shown to reduce symptoms of ADHD according to a study published by the National Library of Medicine, leading to a strong academic performance. A room surrounded by windows with beautiful greenery right outside promotes a much better learning environment than a brick wall that students would normally be staring at.

Here at Mission Tomorrow, we seek to increase our current planting of trees, and help the environment grow little by little. Planting and providing trees to communities provides no detriment and can only lead to a better lifestyle for many. Our initiative to plant trees is one of great importance, and we are dedicated to completing our goal.


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